251542_108518992583275_6113812_nAmaZonArt is a Non-Governmental Organisation active in theAmazon Region of Brazil, founded in London in 2009 by Brazilian cellist and composer Diego Carneiro.

Among AmaZonArt’s objectives are to provide free musical education and concerts, to develop learning skills and teamwork through ensemble playing, promoting “healthy” music in schools and hospitals as well as in underprivileged venues such as prisons and leprosariums.

It’s vision is also to build an audience for classical music in deprived areas and to stimulate local politicians/leaders to invest in musical education. Furthermore, to inspire young people to start playing an instrument, as an alternative activity to some of the social problems such as drugs, crimes and child prostitution as well as sound pollution that is prevalent in all cities in those regions.

One of AmaZonArt’s projects takes place on the islands that surround the city of Belém. On Combu, Jutuba, Caratateua, Maracuja and Cotijubas lives the ribeirinhas – ”river people” – of which hundreds of 35759_128152923893252_1292066_nchildren gets to school by boat. Among the activities offered are musical eduation, story-telling and environmental preservation and sustainability.

AmaZonArt is collaborating with several music insitutes and music schools in the rural parts of the state of Pará. The objective is to bring classical music to places with difficult access, to build up an audience, discovertalents and open up new possibilities through music workshops for children and adolescents, concerts for the community and art therapy classes for the parents of the students.

An important part of AmaZonArt’s work are to give charity concerts as a means of fundraising in order to realize and maintain it’s projects. The concerts are performed monthly in London and Brazil by Diego Carneiro and the AmaZonArt team together with invited musicians from Europe.elsa-086

A close collaboration is taking place with the Aurimar Monteiro de Araujo Arts Institute, located in the city of Bragança in the northern part of the Pará state. It works with underprivileged children and teenagers that lives in a socially dangerous situation, through offering musical education and professional qualifications.

If you would like to sponsor AmaZonArt please click here. AmaZonArt is in a desperate need of donations, and any amount is received with gratitude.

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