Professora Lenita

What a woman! Professora Helena Maia (or Lenita, as she affectionately is called), was Diego’s first music teacher and still is his duo partner. In her late seventies, but with the mind of a teenager, her hair a fiery red and with eyes that sparkle with passion, she is oozing with vitality. Embracing everyone she meets with her infinite warmth, she has the rare capability of really seeing you.IMG_5310

Lenita has kindly provided me with a home for the last week, and I’ve decided I never want to leave. Telling her how much I like staying here she brought me to tears when she responded that she hoped I could see her as a mother, that she is fond of me and that she understands the difficulties of coming to a foreign country.

Born into a well-renowned musical family, and married to the former Minister of Culture, she has been a legendary concert pianist and teacher all her life, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of her stopping yet – next week she is going to start teaching for AmaZonArt in Tracuateua, a staggering 3,5 hours drive from Belém, where she lives with her husband (who is suffering from Alzheimer and needs care 24/7) and her youngest daughter, who has a slight learning disability.

Is it possible to adopt a grandmother?

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