Bad Karma

It must be my karma, why else would I be locked out, not once, not twice, but THREE times in as many days? I must have done something terribly bad to a key in a previous life.(Maybe I was a locksmith?) After three gruesome hours last night the Padre finally arrived back home to let me in to the Paroquia. By then I had already taken a tour to the square where all the Tracuateuans were hanging out. Violin on back and a cabin bag rolling after me, I looked like I was searching for my flight. I found out that there were no more buses back to Bragança (plan A down the toilet) and was kindly directed to a lonely and dark backstreet where I would find a taxi outside a Padaria (bakery). Suspecting I had been conned into a trap I half-heartedly followed the directions, and told a group of random men at the end that I needed a taxi. They told me there wouldn’t be one until a few hours time, unclear why. (Plan B flushed down as well – sploosh!) However, they continued, I would be very welcome on a mototaxi (yes, you guessed it – a motorcycle). I stared at them in disbelief. Hadn’t they noticed my violin case AND my ready-to-fly-bag? “No probs, just put the bag in front of you!” Er… Considering it’s 20 km to Bragança and that I would have to pay 20 Reais (about £7) I decided it probably would be wiser to just stay put. So I returned to the square and orderd a Guarana, a very tasty milkshake with banana, walnuts and guarana fruit. Guarana is high in caffeine and is sometimes referred to as the Brazilian aphrodisiac.

So. Today I returned to Bragança just to find a locked door and no one at home at Aurimar’s. I could not believe it. And he didn’t answer his phone. Great. It turned out he had gone to the beach and couldn’t get a taxi back. Thankfully I was rescued by two friends who took me to watch a bit of the Carnival that started this weekend. A lot of men in bra’s and wigs, as well as foam spraying and flour throwing (no, I don’t know why). I was given 6 condoms for free (I must have looked like I desperately needed to get laid) that was generously distributed on the street.

Carnival is apparently the time to fool around – I was told that it’s very common for married couples to have an agreement of mutual infidelity during these four days of the year. An acquaintance of mine told me how one girl had had sex with ten different men that were hanging out in a corridor during the Rio Carnival, and (unsurprisingly) got pregnant. The father turned out to be the son of my acquaintance. This is in no way an unusual story either. As Diego pointed out – this is a very religious country, but that seems to also bring out the opposite – the “forbidden” and lustful. A country that loves its parties, for sure!

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One thought on “Bad Karma

  1. Jenny

    Hahaha 😀 Det är såå kul att läsa dina inlägg! Förresten är det nog inte dålig karma…det låter bara som typiska saker som du råkar ut för 😉

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