Diego’s Dream

It all started with a dream. Diego had just started playing the cello at the age of 12, and one night got a strong message while sleeping – “you are more than just a musician, you shall help many people through your art.” Fourteen years later AmaZonArt was born.

377284_142652702503237_1091593548_nIf you’ve never met Diego, you might feel overwhelmed by his mere presence. His charisma leaves you defenceless and rare is the person that does not fall for his charm within ten minutes, or less. He has a scarily accurate sixth sense and I often get the feeling that he’s obsessed – ideas of new projects, new collaborations, never stop popping up. This applies to music as well; several times he has barged into my room while I have been playing the violin; agitatedly pointing out that I’m wasting my time with the way I am practising. (He’s right, of course, but old habits die hard.)

Unfortunately this overflow of creativity and inspiration threatens to drown itself out, as there never seems to be enough time to realise them all. Somehow that’s where my work comes in. Not only do I teach the violin (and English, to whoever happens to be interested), but (apparently) I’m also the temporary director of AMA Institute, I’m working on the website, publicising concerts, performing them, fundraising, planning future projects, participating in documentaries, co-ordinating other volunteers, meeting with politicians, writing a blog…  And when everything just was about to settle I am told by the Federal Police that I cannot renew my VISA as I had planned, as the law just changed for Schengen citizens. My flight back to grey old Europe departs in less than two weeks. Any Brazilians out there looking for a Scandinavian wife?

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