It’s a gay world

According to G Magazine, Augusto Corrêa has the largest percentage of gays in the world. Not bad for a rather small municipality in northen Brazil. (Correction, its big enough for the previous mayor to run off with $35 million. But that’s a different story altogether)

After some rather unscientific observations I can confirm that there seems to be an unusually large number of men with impressively painted finger nails (manicure in this country is definitely a piece of art, very often each nail has it’s own distinctive pattern) and a hip wiggling gait in this area. Brazilian gays are very much so, and the other day I met a fine example; with long curly hair, budding breasts and a hand wrist swing (with a matching attitude) to die for. He and his boyfriend attended a meeting for people that are interested in playing a string instrument, and I am very eager to see if he is going to be my student! But how to break the news that you need to cut the precious finger nails if you want to play the violin…?

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One thought on “It’s a gay world

  1. Jenny

    Haha 😀 Du måste berätta hur det går!

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