Fawlty Towers

It seemed like such a simple task, and yet, trying to hang a simple curtain turned into a farce. Granny chipped in and suggested we use sellotape (!) and some steel wire that we unsuccessfully tried to secure between the windowpanes. After one pathetic attempt after another we decided to simply hang the goddamn thing over the air conditioner (even that turned into a circus act, as neither me or Diego are particularly tall), leaving a big gap of light at the bottom, and at the same time preventing the cool air to circulate freely in the room. The sellotape came in handy after all, allowing us to glue a bed sheet over the remaining gap. Great solution, indeed. I have a feeling it’s a permanent one as well…  In fact, everything here feels rather temporary.  If a toilet breaks down, for example, there’s never a sense of wanting to fix it – you simply avoid using it. The water supply is somewhat unreliable as well; sometimes you have it, but quite often not. I spent most of the Christmas without the ability to flush my toilet or take a shower. And yet, no one really complains. They’re sturdy, these Brazilians!

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