Minha casa, sua casa

It’s very generous of him, of course, but I feel like I have to draw the line somewhere. Aurimar is preparing a whole new bedroom for me, and he’s very keen that I shall like it. So he’s made a lot of effort installing a super-powered air conditioner, buying furniture, replacing the door that is difficult to close etc. I’ve tried to explain that none of this is necessary and that I can sleep on a mattress but he ignores me. However, when he wanted me to choose the colour of the room I refused to specify my favourite one, saying it’s his home, not mine, and that I will only be here for a few months. So he settled for mint green.

As I’ve been sharing a room with the girls so far, I’ve developed a more flexible attitude to privacy than I’m used to – I can never be sure when someone is going to barge in without knocking and I’m trying to dress as quickly as possible in the mornings.

The pastor’s wife was wondering one day why I always wait to be asked to sit down at the dining table before doing so. When I explained that where I come from it’s regarded as bad manners otherwise, she could not stop laughing. Another thing I learnt growing up was that you shouldn’t talk with food in your mouth. This, however, seems to have been lost on some people, and I have quickly learnt who not to sit in front of at meal times.

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