Serious Boy and Puppy Eyes

How can such an ugly act result in something so beautiful? I’m talking about Serious Boy, an adorable 12-year-old and a student of mine. The first time I asked him to play for me in class he came up ever so close and started playing his scale with the seriousness of a funeral director. He spends quite a lot of time at Aurimar’s house where I live, as he is friends with Aurimar’s son. The other day I found out that Serious Boy’s mother got pregnant with him after a rape. She is not well, she has water in part of the brain, and need regular hospital treatment. However, as they are very poor she can’t afford the medicine, so Aurimar helps her buy it. Serious boy is quickly becoming a favourite of mine – he is very gentle, kind and generous, and yesterday I discovered a more playful side of him when I was doing a technical class with all my students.

Another boy is Puppy Eyes, also 12 I think, and with an insatiable appetite for learning the violin. He speaks a little bit of English that he’s very eager to try out on me. Yesterday he asked me with almost perfect pronounciation if “Senhorita has a boyfriend?”, to the great amusement of his friends. If I were 20 years younger I would definitely have a crush on him, that’s for sure. His mother used to work in a bar from 4pm every day until 2am in the morning. As his father died a few years ago, Puppy Eyes was thus left by himself. Until Aurimar intervened, that is. He asked one of his friends to employ Puppy Eyes’s mother at his restaurant, and now she has a day job, thankfully.

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