And now over to the weather…

Aurimar found it very difficult to comprehend how -10°C actually feels like (I was telling him about the current weather in Sweden), and with the lack of other reference point promptly put his head into the freezer, in order to get a sense of that temperature.

He refused to believe me when I said that a few years ago we had -27°C, and that I didn’t go out for four days, as there really was no point in doing so, as it was very difficult to breathe (or move your face for that matter) for all the icicles in your nose.

Another friend of mine told me about the time she went to Europe and it was a chilling (plus!) 17°C degrees, and how difficult it was to get out of bed. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that that’s what we call summer in Sweden.

Ps. I have just found out that Belém (the state capital of Pará where I work, and where Diego lives) is the wettest city on earth. That explains why it feels somewhat excessive with a facial moisturizer.

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