Opinions of A Grumpy Old Spinster

They blame it on the military regime 40 years ago, but I still don’t understand why Brazilian children only goes to school for four hours a day. With that much spare time, it’s asking for trouble, if you ask me (which, of course, no one is). Unsurprisingly, I have yet to find a kid that wants to spend more time in the classroom. Since there’s not the same hysteria here around extra-curricular activities, as in Europe, the Brazilian children and teenagers are pretty much left to their own devices. Which might explain the alarming teenage pregnancy rates.

A lot of Brazilian girls and women dress for success (in bed, that is). A favourite item among them all is the teeny tiny jeans shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. The other day I spotted a girl, not more than 11 years, wobbling around, Bambi-like, in her high heels, bare legs up to the crotch and a tight top. I felt just as much the grumpy old spinster (in comfortable flat walking shoes) that I am. I think it’s time for some shopping.

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