Two religions

The Catholic Church has a firm grip on this country, for sure. Everywhere you go there’s signs of deep devotion, from bakeries named “Fé em Deus” (Trust in God) to trucks with “Obrigado Senhor” (Thank you, Lord) instead of the naked girls one usually finds on those kind of vehicles.

But there’s another religion as well. Why this obsession with the TV? Every where you go, there it is, always turned on at maximum volume, blasting out one horrible show after another– in every man’s living room (even if no one is there to watch it), at every single street fast food van, most restaurants, in the hospital waiting room (yes, really)…. I even found one in a politician’s office, next to a bible on display, a cartoon accompanying our meeting. I’m starting to suspect that Brazilians are terribly afraid of the silence. If there isn’t the TV, it’s the sound system in every man’s car trunk or the fireworks early on Sunday mornings, when all you wish for is some peace and quiet. I wonder what they are tryig to block out…?



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